Sunday, October 26, 2014




1 Card

3 Dice (D6)

3 Bet tokens

Summary/Goal:  Each round, players take turns collecting points by rolling the dice and placing bet tokens.  When a player scores 20 points, any remaining players during that round (if any) have a chance to complete their last turn.   The player with the most points wins.  Ties are broken by whoever was earlier in the turn order.

Turn order:

1.  Roll one of the three dice and set aside.  (This allows you to know what 1/3 of the dice results will be.)

2.  Place all three bet tokens.  Tokens can be placed on the numbers (2,4,6,8,10,or 12) or on the Modifier spots.  Only one bet token may be placed per spot.

3.  Roll the remaining two dice.

4.  Choose any two of the three rolled dice and add the numbers together.  Any bet tokens placed on that number result score points according to the number of * icons (1,2, or 3).  Before scoring, you may use the ability of any modifiers that had tokens placed on them.


+/-: Add or subtract one pip from one of the dice.  (Note:  You may add a pip to a 6 result or subtract a pip from a 1 result.)

Flip: Flip one of the rolled dice to the opposite side and use that result instead.  (e.g. - Flip a 1 to a 6.)

Re-roll:  Re-roll one of the dice and use that result instead.

Shift:  Move a bet token to an adjacent number.  Example – If the result rolled is 10, but there is a token on the 12 spot, this ability allows the token to be moved one over and score points accordingly.

Double (X2):  Multiply the score for that turn by two. 

Version 1.2  November, 2014 – Michael E. Eskue

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