Monday, April 9, 2018

New project in development

Howdy all!

So what's next from the Red Rook Games Design Studio?  Well, we've been working on a western themed Euro style game and so far it's working quite well. The idea to work on the design was originally made in jest, but we ran with it and now it's a full blown game.  A friend of our said something like "you should totally make a sequel to Darkrock Ventures, but give it a western theme and call it Redrock Ventures."  The idea stuck and the game was fleshed out.  However, the name Redrock Ventures is only a placeholder and we worry that some might assume the "red" part refers to the planet Mars since Darkrock is space themed.  We've been toying with a few different ideas and would love your feedback. There is a poll on if you'd like to participate:

Thursday, February 8, 2018

If you haven't already heard... Trash Pandas was picked up by Gamewright games and will be published later this year!!! 


To celebrate, we are offering an amazing deal on the Indiegogo page:
Celebration Offer

Trash Pandas is also available on eBay and Amazon (or sold directly with payment via PayPal):



Friday, December 8, 2017

When we set out to make Trash Pandas, our main goal was to see it enjoyed by families and friends.  What better time to make that happen during the Christmas and holiday season?  This has been a challenging, but rewarding experience and we would like to give back to the gaming community.  We've decided to give Trash Pandas to 10 families (or individuals), but we need your help to decide where they go.  If you know someone who would enjoy the game, please nominate them by sending an email to with the subject GIFT.  Please let us know why this person or family should receive a copy of Trash Pandas and their mailing address.  There is no required length to the submission story, but we are limited to 10 copies so if we have more than that, we will need to select the top 10.  We'll review all nominations on Thursday, December 14th and get the games sent out the next day so they an arrive in time for Christmas.   

We will provide the games free of charge and cover the shipping.  This is limited to US only, but if you have a non-US family with an exceptional story, feel free to submit their info and we'll consider an exception or two.

Also, we have a special running through the end of next week if you'd like to pick up some additional copies for yourself or for gifts:

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Trash Pandas is sold out on Kickstarter, but we still have Bandit Badges available (sticker/magnet set).  If you'd like to get on the waiting list, please email us:  RedRookGames AT Gmail


Friday, May 19, 2017

Trash Pandas on Kickstarter

The Indiegogo campaign was a success, but we plan to run a secondary campaign on Kickstarter to see if we can reach a wider audience. We are rolling ahead with the print run so that should not affect the delivery time for Indiegogo backers. If you missed out on IGG, stayed tuned for the KS launch!
Tentative launch date is July 6th, 2017

Monday, December 26, 2016

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Trash Pandas is LIVE:

In Trash Pandas, players are raucous raccoons, tipping over trash cans for food (and shiny objects). Players push their luck to acquire more cards, but must stash them in order for them to count as points at the end of the game. When the deck runs out, the game ends and players compare their stashes to see who has the majority for each card type and score points accordingly. The player with the most points, wins!

Turn sequence:
The active player rolls a die in the hopes of gaining the benefit of the roll result. With each roll, the player decides to keep rolling or stop and activate the dice results. However, with each additional roll, the odds of busting (getting a duplicate result) increase further and the player risks losing the progress they've made that round. When activating the dice results, the player will be drawing cards, stealing cards from other players, and stashing cards. Cards in hand may be used for their listed ability, but only count as points when stashed.

Microbin rules and card have been updated:

Rules found here: