Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RinCon 2012

This blog was started just before the second RinCon, 3 years ago, and the latest RinCon was the best one yet.  I was able to meet up with friends I met at previous conventions, but didn't have a chance to play many games with them, unfortunately.  I did, however, meet a few new friends and had a great time gaming with them.  Hopefully next year I can time my games better and play with those I missed this year.

The first game I played (Level 7: Escape) was with Paeter (pronounced like "later") Fransen.  He produces Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy audio at www.spiritblade.net.  I've checked out a few samples and it sounds pretty interesting.

Next, I met Patrick Nickell at Crash Games to pick up my prototype copy of Dungeon Heroes:  http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/127981/dungeon-heroes

My wife and I played it a few times and have really enjoyed it so far.  She keeps beating me and I want to try it out a few more times before writing a review.  Crash Games is a small board game company in the Phoenix area:  http://www.crashgamesaz.com/

Testing out this 2 player "lunch hour dungeon crawler."

Later, I played Flashpoint: Fire Rescue with Steven and Susan Sandoval, which was fun even though the building collapsed and we lost.  My wife and I ended up playing several other games with them including Dungeon Fighter, which was hilarious, good fun.

It looks like wedding photo where they are cutting the cake together.  In this "fight" Steven must use the hand of the player to his left to toss the die at the target.  Totally random, but the "off the nose" shot was even more ridiculous.  Steven's website is found here:  www.stevendsandoval.com/

I also met Ian Stedman who ended up trading some games he designed for some games I was selling in the Flea Market (which was a bit hit).  Ian (and some other guys) also helped me playtest Uncle Otto's Vault and gave some very good suggestions.  I hope to test them out soon and I think the game should be pretty much done at that point.  Ian's website is http://games.gamersuniversity.com

The "Players Wanted" signs I made worked out really well and it was cool to see them used throughout the convention.

Finally, and possibly most exciting, I was surprised to see my first published game for sale at the Game Daze booth:  http://www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/114871/for-the-win

I've been waiting for this moment for nearly 4 years and it's pretty stinkin' cool to see something the came from my own head among board and card games I really admire.  I've learned a lot since starting that project and am very much looking forward to getting some more designs out there.


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